Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Another lovely day for walking.  The sun is shining warm and bright as I tuck in to Castaneda.  But now the sun is in my eyes for the morning.  On all the previous walks the great marker was to keep your shadow in front of you.  No longer.

The change in light changes the beauty in all the landscape.  I only walked through here last week, but it seems different now.... and delightfully so!

Monday, June 18, 2018


Today I walked 15km to the tiny spot of a village named Brea.  But what made today's walk so different from all the others was the direction I was going.  Like a salmon swimming to the headwaters, I headed east against the flow of the pilgrims.  

The first thing that was overwhelmingly noticeable was seeing the faces of pilgrims instead of the back of their heads.  I could see the joy on one, the exhaustion on another, and surprise on more than a few.  

The many reactions made today delightful.  One group of Spanish abuelas was sure that I was turned around and tried hard to convince me to join them going to Santiago.  They were amazed I had already been.  A lovely lady from Houston shared that she was sad that Santiago was so close, because then the walk would be over.  A French lady was incredulous that I was still walking.  She barely wanted to make it into Santiago.  She didn't want to take another step.  Many, many people just pointed ahead... thinking I was turned around.  

As the pilgrims passed, I delighted in smiling and wishing them a Buen Camino.  Most will make it into Santiago today.... and meet the Apostle they have walked so far to see.  I got to see faith filled pilgrims being drawn closer to the Lord.  

Sunday, June 17, 2018


The first spot where pilgrims can see the Cathedral in Santiago is from an overlook 5km outside of town called Monte de Gozo, the Hill of Joy.  Every time I have been heading into Santiago the weather has been overcast or raining, so my tired feet had no interest in walking to the overlook.  As I headed out today under lovely sunny skies, I did stop and take in the view.  Instead of a first look, it was a last glance.

Now I appreciate why they call it a place of Joy.  There is a grand beauty and excitement to the place.

In other points of joy.... Congratulations to all our Noonan Scholarship winners!  May God bless you abundantly as you continue your education.

Happy Father's Day to all our dads, granddads, foster fathers, step-fathers, and all who give us life and point us to the One who is Our Father.  Many blessings for you today!!!


I went to Mass this morning at the Cathedral in Santiago one last time before heading out.

It always does my heart good to behold the botafumiero fly.  :)  This afternoon I started the walk home.  As I ascended the Monte de Gozo, I stopped by the little chapel of St. Mark.

This humble little chapel has been a rest stop for pilgrims for centuries.  Since one can get their last sello before Santiago, the church is always open.  While grand cathedrals inspire plenty, I think there is more to be said for the little chapels where we stop and pray along the way.  Where do you like to pray?  Where do you feel intimacy with God?  How often do you connect with the One who loves you completely?

Friday, June 15, 2018


I am taking the customary three days for rest and prayer here in Santiago before starting the walk home.  I will resume posting on Sunday.  For now.....a little time for quiet....

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Just one more

A lovely day as I walked 19km to Pedrouzo.  For only the second time on this pilgrimage, there was blue sky overhead.

While the number of pilgrims walking along has dramatically increased, there haven't been any large, loud groups.  Mostly folks are in pairs or walking alone.  Lots of different paces, yet walked with respect for the fellow pilgrim.

Many houses today had lovely gardens in bloom.